Halloween Book Tag

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween everyone! I have something special for you all today, I have come up with my very own book tag, one that I hope you will all enjoy. It’s good for this time of year as well! I sincerely hope you will all enjoy it.

So let’s get started.

Halloween Book Tag

Jack O Lantern – A character that has a subtle impact on the plot of the story


In Alex and Eliza, Eliza’s sisters have a subtle roll, I won’t explain though, otherwise I might spoil it.

Black cat – A book that involves a character that seems to be bad luck


The character I’m going to mention this time, is literally a black cat. Ravenpaw. They are definitely bad luck for Firepaw.

Potion – a book where a character trades something important for a promise that either pans out or ends in turmoil.


For those of you who have read Caraval, you should know what I mean when I say “dresses.” For those of you who haven’t read Caraval, I suggest you go and read it!

Witch’s broom – A book with a witch’s broom or some sort of magical flying object that a character can ride.

7736182. sy475

I didn’t want to be sterotypical and say Harry Potter, so I am going to go with The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan because in the book they ride a mechanical dragon, hence the cover. Also fun fact: I was made to read this book in my grade 8 class before I had read the first Percy Jackson books… I still haven’t read them all… Whoops.

Skeleton – A book with bones as the focal point or a book with undead.

19063. sy475

Okay, this book doesn’t really have bones or undead, but I haven’t really read many books like that. And this book is about death, if you’ve read it, you know what I mean.

Graveyard – A book with a funeral or death that is emotional or a book that has a scene at a graveyard


Don’t even get me started on a death that is emotional from this book. I might just cry all over again.

Blood – A book with vampires or some sort of blood sucking creature.

15783514. sy475

So, it’s not necessarily a blood sucking creature or a vampire, but there are creatures in this book that definitely want your blood.

Bats – A book that has creatures of the night

35510314. sx318

Well, if you’ve read this book, you’d know about the Everlost.

Haunted house – a book that you want to read but are too scared to read (because maybe you have anxiety like me!)


Okay so in like grade 9 or 10, I began reading this book, but got so scared that I had to stop reading the book. But I really want to finish reading it one day!!

Candy – A book that has a cover that is eye candy to you, or characters that are definitely eye candy – yummy!


I really love the cover of this book! And it helps that I love the book itself as well!

Trick or treat! – A book with a plot twist you weren’t expecting


I was not expecting the plot twist that came with this book, I’m not even sure if I like the plot twist that happened. It’s just one of those books. But I think I like the book, when I was younger I loved it and was obsessed with it.

Thanks for checking out this book tag that I came up with everyone! I hope you have a great day! And a good Halloween!

I’m going to tag a few people for this book tag, and even if you aren’t tagged, feel free to join in!

I tag you guys:

Bec’s Bookish Reads

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The Bibliophagist

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